I Want Do Good For The People: Rajini

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Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth announced his political entry on last year Dec 31. Actor Rajini said that our purpose is to do good for the people.

Rajini has revealed that his biggest desire to is to make sure the people who have made him who he is, live well. Questioned by actor Vivekh on stage, Rajini said, “Ennai vazhavaitha makkalai nalla vazha vekanum.” The actor is famous for his modesty and humility also said that his minimum desire was to buy a scooter in life. “A scooter, an apartment with one room, a decent middle-class life.

Rajini spoke on the video record of the event. We have to use correctly the opportunity offered by God. We all need to be united and disciplined. If we are united we can achieve anything. Let’s make a big change in Tamil Nadu. I did not say that the family should come to politics. They should also look after.