Kamal Haasan Become Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu

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Actor Kamal Haasan launches political party at Madurai. The party name Makkal Needhi Maiam“. Kamal Haasan roadshow begins from the house of late President APJ Abdul Kalam in Rameswaram and travels to Ramanathapuram.

Kamal sais, My life will now be dedicated to you, to your service. We will set an example of how a government should be run. I have never given back to people who have given me so much. I was filled with guilt.

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The answer is yes for five reasons:

1. Kamal comes in with a fresh mindset and approach to problem-solving at a time

2. His image is of leader who would put his money, heart and soul where his mouth is, who is willing to take the risk for the greater good. This will help him get people on his side.

3. Kamal already has the connection with the masses that politicians require. People either like him or hate him but surely do not and cannot ignore him.

4. Kamal is a master salesman as is evident from his film career. He knows the audience of the state and the art of packaging his works as offbeat and fresh attempts even in cases.