MDMK leader Vaiko Denies Claim of ‘Defeating DMK’

MDMK leader Vaiko (File Photo)

Chennai: The MDMK Vaiko leader also appealed to the media not to blow up words at times in a lighter vein. The district executive committee meeting was held in Tiruchy on Tuesday evening in which Vaiko charged that both the AIADMK and DMK were corrupt to the core. He made the strong attack on the DMK and claimed that they (DMK) had floated a series of rumors against MDMK and Vaiko himself.

“Karunanidhi thinks that he was the cleverest diplomat in Tamil Nadu politics, but it was disproved and only due to my game plan, the DMK could not come to power,” was the statement of Vaiko at the executive meeting. However, at Thanjavur on Wednesday, he clarified that he used the word ‘game plan’ to refer the ‘good alliance” that defeated DMK coming to power.

“Had I did not make a strong alliance, DMK would have come to power,” Vaiko stressed again and added that his party was committed to forging a similar strong alliance for the upcoming local body polls too. Meanwhile, his comment on ‘defeating’ DMK had created ripples among the political arena in Tamil Nadu. On Wednesday, when several reporters confronted Vaiko regarding his statement in Tiruchy, he strongly refused it. “I never meant it that way. But the media has blown it even the meaningless words which I had made in a lighter vein,” Vaiko said and evaded further queries.

Vaiko in his Thanjavur speech stressed that all the four constituents (MDMK, VCK, CPM, and CPI) of the PWA would contest the local body polls under the same banner and for this, the working committee meetings would be held in the respective parties. He also said that the cadre was more active now than the Assembly polls.