RK Nagar By-Election: Deepa Nomination Rejected

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AIADMK supremo and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa nice Deepa Jayakumar

The December 21st by-elections in RK Nagar constituency will be held. The nomination for this was completed on the 04 December.

She does not fill the form 26, Deepa’s candidacy was rejected by the polling officer.

Deepa Jayakumar Report

Deepa said: I had already said about it and got threatened by phone. Even if you file a nomination. There was a lot of disturbances when I came to file nominations

AIADMK Candidate Madhusudhanan, DMK Marudhunakash and DV Vijayakaran filed the nomination papers last year. Only 30 people had filed for that evening. The last day of the day, some more were expected to file nominations.

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Yesterday only 145 nominations were filed. That is also the way the Independent candidates have come in and sorted the election office officials. At this stage, the candidacy of the nominations began at 10 am this morning. The candidates for the first time recognized political parties were taken into consideration.

BJP nominee Karunakaran Nagarajan. The Vishal’s promise was not a formal oath of the account and the allegations were raised by the AIADMK and the DMK to accept Vishal’s nomination. This is followed by a tumultuous review of his petition.