Vishal Nomination Rejected: What Happened In The Election Office?

Actor Vishal filed a nomination for contesting the RK Nagar By-election. He has been piling up on the social networks of the video calling the polling officer to accept his petition.

The election will be held on 21st December at RK Nagar, Chennai. Actor Vishal was contesting independently in RK Nagar. RK Nagar held a review on the nominations filed in the by-election. It was reported that Vishal’s nomination was rejected because the names of the Vishal were wrong. After rejecting the nomination, Vishal was involved in the dharna with his supporters before the election office.

He said there was no justification for rejecting his candidacy and that the proponents of his proposals were evidence of the intimidation of the AIADMK. Following this, Vishal also revealed the audio source that he spoke to Velu, allegedly intimidated. This caused further frustration in the nomination of the nomination.