Olympic: Dipa Karmakar got congratulated by Google

Dipa Karmakar came in fourth at gymnastics in the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio. While she missed a spot in the podium, it was the first time an Indian woman competed at Olympics finals for a gymnastics gold medal. Her efforts put her on the top of everyone’s minds, which is why “Dipa Karmakar” became the most searched string on Google search. Google congratulated Dipa Karmakar’s efforts by Tweeting out a gif.

The tweet is a part of a series of tweets from Google tracking search trends over the course of the Rio Olympics. Google is tracking individual sports as well as the sportsmen.

Oddly specific topics of interest are emerging from the trend tracking by Google. For example, there was a surge of interest around the diet of the vegan weightlifter Kendrick Farris. People wanted to know how a vegan can perform in such a demanding sport and manage to stay physically fit as per the demands of the competition. Michael Phelps became the most searched swimmer of all time.

Olympics shooter Brady Ellison overtook his lookalike Leonardo DiCaprio in terms of search volume. Fiji’s rugby team winning the world was the first time a team from that country won the event. Fiji also became the most searched word worldwide, after the win.

On the demystifying theme, viewers of the diving competition were wondering over the utility of such small towels. The tiny towel is called a shammy, and is made of a material that is highly water absorbent, and can be quickly dried out. This allows the divers to dry up quickly, and not lug around a large, wet towel.