AIADMK Government Should Be Resign Says Kamal Haasan

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Anitha Suicide: Who Want To Argue Against NEET Are Bargaining Says Kamal

Actor Kamal Haasan is also commenting on the current politics. He has repeatedly been accused of various crimes against the Tamil Nadu government.

He requested the Tamil Nadu government to control the Dengue fever. Recently, Kamal Haasan said, “The Tamil Nadu government should take proper action to control the Dengue. If the government fails, the Tamil Nadu government should stay away from this issue, “he said.

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In this condition, Chennai Gopalapuram DAV. School student Bhargav died yesterday after suffering from Dengue fever. This is a shock to the actor Kamal Haasan. In this regard, he has published a comment on Twitter. He says: –

I have repeatedly said that the Dengue fever is spreading and controlling. But all of them have become a wave of chewing ears.

The ruling AIADMK The state is an inactive state. So parents need to stay awake. Actor Kamal Haasan has said.