Couples Marrying Without Parents’ Nod Can Get Ration Cards

Couples Marrying Without Parents’ Nod Can Get Ration Cards

Chennai: Newly married couples can apply for a ration card after submitting details of their parents’ residential address after which the department will begin the process of issuing a new ration card for the applicant immediately. A circular to this effect has been sent to all the Districts Supply Officers (DSOs) and Taluk Supply Officers (TSO). Male applicants should be 21 years or above, and female applicants should be 18 years of age.

A senior CSCPD official confirmed that circulars have been sent to all the DSOs. “As far as the new changes are concerned, such couples can submit marriage and age proof certificates. Further, if the number of their household’s ration card is available, it will be easier to process the application.

However, this is not compulsory, as it may not be able possible for them to go back to their parents’ houses. Instead, they can produce their native address and other available certificates,” he said. According to the civil supply officials, currently, only a ration card holder can make a request for name deletions or additions.

Officials said they received a number of requests for new ration cards from young couples whose disapproving parents refused to delete their names. Concerned DSOs and they took stock of the situation. P John Kennedy, an auto driver in MGR Nagar said he faced difficulty in getting a ration card.  “We got married three years ago and it was love marriage, as our parents showed stiff opposition. We still do not have a ration card,” he added.

A CSCPD official added that while the new initiative will be in place right away, no changes have been made to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Nor has a Government Order (GO) been issued.  Kumar Sri, president, Lovers Party, told DTNext the move is a timely one. “Ration cards are of paramount importance,” he said.