Jallikattu: Kamal Haasan tweets video of cop setting auto on fire

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The protest on Jallikattu has been going on since days with no proper solution. As many as 94 cops sustained injuries while 51 police vehicles were damaged in a single day’s violence. The police have also detained about 40 persons for interrogation. Although the situation is now under control, there has been various minor incidents in Chennai which questioned the credibility of the police.

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A video has gone viral on the internet which shows a police personnel purportedly setting a vehicle on fire. The video shows a police officer lighting fire and then placing it inside an auto-rickshaw. Although the real intention of the act is not known, it was clearly not in good-will of the people. Chennai city police commissioner said the matter would be probed. The video has now come into the notice of celebrities who are questioning the purpose of the incident. It happened on a street where there is a line of vehicles parked, some of which are under fire

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The Actor Kamal Hassan also took to Twitter, questioning the act. He had earlier slammed animal rights advocacy group PETA over its opposition to Jallikattu. He had said that they were not ‘qualified’ to tackle Indian bulls and asked to try stopping “bull riding rodeos in the United States. Here is what he tweeted: