Kejriwal, Vijayan, Chandrababu Naidu, Obama My Inspiration, Says Kamal

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Kamal Haasan launches his political party Wednesday night when an impressive crowd of supporters in Madurai.

The flag was a symbol, the symbol of the actor’s new party: Makkal Needhi Maiam, or People’s Justice Front.

Kamal Haasan on a question who is your inspiration? Ambedkar, Gandhi or Periyar?
KamalHassan says, “I like all of them. I like Arvind Kejriwal, Chandra Babu Naidu, Pinarayi Vijayan, Barack Obama. These are leaders who live by examples.”

Kamal supporter asked many questions after his launched party and he answered few questions to his supporter.

The Top Quotes from Kamal Speech.

01. No cash for votes

I will not give money for votes.

  1. The Cauvery water-sharing issue

A proper dialogue on (the) Cauvery issue was never done, and if it had been, then today, we wouldn’t be suffering and fighting for the water.

  1. On the goal of the rest of his life

My life will now be dedicated to you, to your service.

04. A model of governance

We will set an example of how a government should be run.

  1. On his ‘debt’ to the Tamil People

I have never given back to people who have given me so much. I was filled with guilt.

  1. On the future of his party

I am looking for future leaders. I am sowing seed(s) for future generations.

  1. No permanent leader

There will never be a permanent leader. Once my time comes to an end I will pass on the button to the one (who is) well deserving.

  1. On government freebie culture

I will ensure you are empowered to buy (a) scooter by yourself. That will be my promise.

  1. The best of the rest

We will not lean towards any side but will take all the good from every side.

  1. On the symbol

Mayyam will showcase the future of the southern region. The six hands are the representation of the six states and the star in the centre is you.