MDMK Wants Prohibition To Control Worsening Law And Order

The incidents of murder and atrocities against women, like the murder of Swathi, suicide by Vishnupriya and sexual abuse of a minor girl, were on the increase after the assembly elections, Vaiko told reporters here.

CBI probe into the suicide of Vishnupriya and seizure of Rs 570 crores during elections, were the clear indicator of losing confidence in police in Tamil Nadu, he said.

Attributing such incidents to the use of liquor, he urged Tamil Nadu government, which had closed 500 liquor outlets, to impose total prohibition and fix a time frame for the closure of other outlets, paving way for total prohibition.

The BJP-led government at the Centre has not taken proper steps to find an amicable solution to the problem of fishermen, he said adding that it should also take steps to prevent Andhra Pradesh from raising dam height at Palar.

Stating that the four-party People’s Welfare Alliance was intact and fight the local body polls, he said that both DMDK and TMC had already announced that they will go it alone to the polls.

On Colonel port, Vaiko said that the Government should clear the doubts and apprehensions expressed by the fishermen in the area, before starting the project.