Blue Whale Game: Tamil Nadu Student Suicide

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Blue Whale Game another name is Suicide game. The 19-year- an old college student from Madurai committed suicide allegedly by playing the Blue Whale Game.

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Vignesh committed suicide by hanging in his house on Wednesday. During the investigation, both the image and the words ‘blue whale’ were also found on his left hand. Police also said they recovered a suspected suicide note, in which Vignesh had reportedly written that ‘Blue Whale is not a game, but a risk and once people enter it, they cannot come out of the game’.

Pondicherry University Commits Suicide

Pondicherry University student commits suicide by hanging himself from tree. Preliminary probe points to Blue Whale Game as the reason behind According to the report

According to the report Jeyamani, father of Vignesh said that his son was the first graduate in their family and he had hoped he would become a government official. Sadly Jeyamani does not even know what the name of the game is and said it was some Thimingila vilayattu (whale game). Vignesh family members not aware of Blue Whale Game.

All Games should make the people be happy not for killing their self.