No Need To Hold Original Driver’s License: High Court

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No Need To Hold Original Driver's License: High Court

Chennai: There is no need to hold the original driver’s license Chennai High court Have commented. The case filed by Tamil Nadu Larry owner Association.

On behalf of the Tamil Nadu Lorry Owner Federation, the case was filed in the Chennai High Court. Judge Duraiasamy said there was no need to keep the original driving license in this case.

Chennai High Court Order

Motor Vehicle Act 1988 Under Section 3, It’s mandatory no person shall be able to drive a vehicle public place without a vehicle driver’s license.

Officers said will be charged 3 months imprisonment or a fine of Rs 500 without driving license. Drivers of traffic violations will be temporarily suspended.

September 1st, 2017 onwards drivers must hold the original license. The Tamil Nadu government has ordered that legal action will be taken against those who are not.

Traffic officials and police have been conducting a vehicle check across Tamil Nadu today. Many were caught without an original license. They were fined Rs 500.