Salem Collector Warns Of Against Those Sharing Blue Whale Game

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Salem District Collector Rohini Bhajibakare on Friday warned against those sharing the Blue Whale game through Facebook, What’s App and other Social media.

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The collector Rohini said stringent legal action will be taken against those who were sharing the Blue Whale game link through Whats App, Facebook,  and other social media.

“The cyber crime cell will identify such persons and they will be punished. All outlets selling mobile phones, browsing centres, and game centres are being monitored,” she said.

Blue Whale challenge game, which claimed killed of 130 children across the world has been arrested in Russia. Shockingly, the culprit herself is a 17-year-old girl. According to reports.

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Rohini said to make a serious request to the parents to monitor their children while using a laptop, computer, smart phone, and tablets.