Tamil Nadu Govt Must Take Charge Of Anitha’s Suicide: Vijayakanth

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Tamil Nadu Govt Must Take Charge Of Anitha's Suicide: Vijayakanth

DMDK leader Vijayakanth has alleged Anitha committed suicide Due To Complacency Of Tamil Nadu Government.

In a statement, he said, “Anitha student from Grammoor village, Anitha’s was born in a poor family but earned 1176 marks our of 1200 in the Plus 2 examination.

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Although she was eligible to study medicine, he did not get a chance on the basis of NEET selection. For that, the Anitha went to the Supreme Court and passed a legal battle. She committed suicide in the frustration of the student’s unconsciousness.

The effect of Tamil rulers in maintaining their position and power without worrying about the students is today a dead body. If the students have a clear understanding of the selection of the NEET, then there will be no suicide.

Tamil Nadu Government must take charge of Anitha’s suicide

Moreover, like the Anitha, the dreams of students who were studying with medical dreams from the age of childhood have broken the dream. The Government of Tamil Nadu must take charge of Anitha’s suicide. And to compensate for her family.

Suicide is not a solution to the failure to read. I do not want students to take such disastrous decisions. Vijayakanth said