TN Cabinet On Budget Mode Discusses Moped, Prohibition

Chennai: The Cabinet, which got into a huddle at the state secretariat at 1.30 pm, discussed the revenue deficit the government would face while implementing new schemes following the gradual enforcement of prohibition in the current fiscal.

DTNext learned from reliable sources that the Cabinet allotted a considerable part of its time to mull over possible revenue sources to make good the deficit during the implementation of new schemes, particularly 50% subsidy for women buying scooters, free power to weavers and loan waiver to farmers and mobile phones to all family card holders.

The government had closed 500 shops and cut down the business hours of state-run TASMAC wine shops by two hours shortly after taking over mid-May. Though a marginal hike in taxes or fares of some services to mop up additional revenue to make up for the revenue deficit is an option always available to the State, the majority view of the Cabinet is believed to be against the idea, especially when the state is heading to another poll, local bodies, due in October 2016. The Cabinet also gave serious thought to fixing the eligibility criteria for women beneficiaries of the subsidized scooter scheme.

If sources are to be believed, the government may have tentatively arrived at a number as regards the beneficiaries of the subsidized scooter scheme for this financial year. Sources also suggested that the eligibility criteria may substantially narrow down the volume of beneficiaries. The meeting, which lasted for an hour and a half, is also reliably learned to have discussed enhanced budgetary allocation to civic bodies and speeding up of pending civic projects among others, keeping in mind the ensuing local body polls due in October 2016