Apple to launch three new iPhone devices in 2017

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Apple to launch three new iPhone devices in 2017

According to a reportedly leaked manufacturing documents from Apple, it is hinted there may be three new iPhone devices lined up for launch next year. A report published in DNA India, it seems like the Cupertino giant working on a new variant altogether which is supposedly codenamed ‘Ferrari’. A Weibo user, known for leaking information from Apple’s manufacturing unit in the area tipped from the alleged documentation that includes three new codenames: D20, D21 and D22, as reported on Chinese blog cnBeta. Apple’s latest flagship smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus bear the codename D1o and D 20.

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What the leak documents hint at, conform with earlier rumors of iPhone getting two upgraded versions in the coming years. Apple would complete 10 years of iPhone next year and a lot of new products are anticipated. Long rumored Apple iPhone 8 has been one of the devices t to look forward to. It is more likely of Apple launching iPhone 8 in 2017 along with iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus next year.

The rumored- iPhone 8 is speculated to bear excellent design and push the marvels with an all-glass design and is most likely to sport bezel-less OLED display. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI claimed in November of Apple finally switiching to OLED display. This prediction surfaced along with reports of Apple sourcing OLED screen from Samsung. Earlier reports suggest of Apple iPhone 8 to sport dual-edge curved display and might support wireless charging.

The alleged documentation leak and being tipped on ‘Ferrari’ variant has certainly raised excitement. The codenamed ‘Ferrari’ variant is rumored to have an all-new internal circuit board design which will be a combination of two separate logic boards connected internally via flex cable. The first board is said to sport primary processing unit similar to A11 chipset featured on iPhone 7 along with flash storage. The second board comprising of communications chipset will facilitate connectivity over WiFi and cellular network.