Facebook Going To Start Pushing More Adverts

Facebook is going to start pushing more adverts out to users, the company has revealed.

Facebook said it will start rolling out ads slowly, starting with a small percentage of users around the world over the coming weeks. Marketers will be able to buy targeted Messenger ads alongside News Feed and Instagram in Facebook’s ad manager.

The ads out to Messenger users gradually, reports Business Insider, starting within the next few weeks or less

Showing traditional ads is a change of course for Messenger, which originally tried to monetize by pushing businesses to create bots for chatting directly with customers. The so-called chat bots have yet to catch on widely, but changes were made earlier this year to make them easier to use and more discoverable.

The company has hinted that it’s close to maxing out the total number of ads it can squeeze into people’s News Feeds, and adding more of them to Messenger appears to be its solution.