Skype Now Lets Users Chat Without Signing Up for Accounts

Skype now allows users to participate in text chats, voice calls and video calls with their contacts without signing up for accounts.

With this update, a user can join Skype as a guest and start a conversation by going to Skype’s website, clicking “start a conversation” and typing their name. The site will then generate a unique conversation link that they can share with others.

When another user clicks the link, they’ll join the conversation immediately. Skype said users can join conversations from “any Skype client,” and as guests through Skype on the web.

Conversations created by guest users will last for 24 hours. If a user wants a conversation to last longer, they can sign up for a Skype account.

In addition to participating in text chats, voice calls and video calls, guest users can also access Skype’s screen- and file-sharing features. However, guest users can not use Skype to call landlines and mobile devices, or to translate conversations with Skype Translator.