WhatsApp Payment: How to Send Money on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has introduced the payment system by UPI (Unified Payment Interface) for Indian users only.

Now Indian WhatsApp user able to send and Receive the money as a simple way on WhatsApp. However, you’ll first need to get this feature and set it up.

WhatsApp started rolling out this feature sometime last week using the beta app, though the chatter for this feature is quite old now. It will make way for more and more users on both Android as well as iOS in the coming days.

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However, as with any new and exciting feature, WhatsApp has not made anything easy this time as well. Even if you get the latest version of this app, someone has to initiate the services for you to actually make it work.

Here’s how you need to set WhatsApp payments and send money using WhatsApp.


The new payments feature is only available on WhatsApp Messenger Version 2.18.48. Currently

This is where things get a bit tricky. Even if you get the latest version, you’d not see the payments option in your WhatsApp.

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