Make fun of me, but answer my questions: Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi attacks: PM Narendra Modi cannot run away from Parliament

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can mock him all he wants, but he must answer the questions raised by him. Rahul had, a day earlier, accused Modi of having taken money from corporate groups.

“Narendra Modi ji aap mera mazak udana chahte ho, udao… magar in sawalaon ka jawab de do. Kya in kagazon mein jo likha hai woh satya hai ki nahi? Bas yeh bata do (Narendra Modi ji, you can make fun of me, but you must answer me…is what is written in these papers true?),” he asked, brandishing alleged documents of the income tax department and claiming that they were proof of corruption on the part of the former Gujarat chief minister. He also claimed that these questions were not being asked by him, but by “crores of people of the country”.

“Kal Gujarat mein Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji se do teen sawal poochhey…bhrashtachaar ke baarey mein poochhey…sawal ka jawab nahi diya…magar jo sawal poochh raha tha uska mazak udaya (Yesterday, I asked the prime minister 2-3 questions on corruption..I didn’t get an answer. But he is making fun of the person who asked questions),” said Rahul. He further stated that he wanted to reply to Modi’s mockery in the words of famous poet Mirza Ghalib: “Har ek baat pe kehte ho ki tu kya hai…Tumhi kaho ki yeh andaaz-e-guftagu kya hai?

(At every turn you question me, ‘what are you?’ Tell me what manner of speech do you pursue?)”

The Congress leader claimed that the I-T raids at Sahara in 2013 and Birla in 2012 had exposed documents showing that crores were paid to Modi when he was Gujarat CM.

Rahul said that Congress was against corruption, but, “the step of demonetisation is not against corruption or black money, instead it is against poor people of this country,” adding that all those standing in line “are not thieves”.