Rahul Gandhi Says PM Narendra Modi Divides India Into The Rich And The Rest

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Rahul Gandhi Says PM Narendra Modi Divides India Into The Rich And The Rest (File Photo)

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation, saying the central government divided India into the rich and the rest of the common people.

Addressing a rally in Goa, Rahul said one percent of rich people of the country had acquired 60% of the economy in the last two and a half years, media reports said.

Earlier on Friday, Rahul-led Congress delegation met Prime Minister over the issue of loan waiver for farmers along with other leaders and submitted a memorandum regarding the same.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the Congress vice-president said, “PM accepted that the situation of farmers is bad but he didn’t say anything on waiving off the loan.”

Rahul added, “We met the PM to highlight the plight of the farmers and sought removal of import duty on wheat that has devastated them.”

Responding to the Congress delegates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that they should meet regularly.

The meeting came a day after Rahul Gandhi claimed to have evidence of PM Narendra Modi’s personal corruption. Rahul told his party colleagues on Wednesday that the evidence was “bulletproof”. Rahul had also said he was being prevented from speaking in Parliament.

Rahul on Wednesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was personally terrified of allowing him to speak in Parliament since he had information on the prime minister’s corruption.

“I have some personal information on PM Modi, which is what I want to speak on in Lok Sabha, but I am not being allowed to speak,” said Rahul to the media on behalf of the Opposition MPs after a meeting of several opposition parties.

He said the prime minister is afraid of the Congress since it can burst the balloon the PM is in. The Congress leader emphasised the stand of the united opposition that they were ready for discussion in Parliament and alleged it was the government which was not ready.