Australia Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce To Resign

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Australia Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce with his daughter Caroline. Photo: Facebook/Barnaby Joyce

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce resign from deputy prime minister. He has been the leader of the National Party and the of Australia since 2016

Barnaby Joyce says he will resign as Australia’s deputy prime minister following a politically damaging saga that began with his affair with a former staffer.

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He said “I will continue to fight for the people in the weatherboard and iron, for the people on the peripheral and the small regional towns.

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Mr Joyce said he would step down on Monday as leader of the Nationals, the junior government partner. He had previously resisted calls to quit amid intense scrutiny over his ministerial conduct.

The scandal has dominated Australian headlines for more than two weeks. He described his decision on Friday as a “circuit-breaker” for his family and a new partner.