US President Donald Trump Warns North Korea

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Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump travelled to South Korea as part of Asia’s five countries travel. Speaking at the South Korean Parliament ‘Do not underestimate us, tell us not to take us, I hope not only for our country but also for all civilized countries.

“All countries must unite to dismiss this bad rule. Already US told Ready For War With North Korea Says US Senator.

He said US troops were air force and jet planes, “I ask for peace through strength.

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North Korea’s economic backers, Russia and China, have called for all kinds of connections to be cut off from North Korea.

In contrast to South Korea’s life, life in North Korea is a “horror life”. Their departure is like a “tragedy test in history lab”.

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“That’s how South Korea is growing successfully, and that’s what you’re strictly degrading the dark command of Kim’s heart,” Trump said.