Husband Beat Wife For Every Facebook Like She Received

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The woman had to undergo reconstruction surgery on her face after her husband punched her for every Facebook ‘like’ she received, it has been claimed report in Mirror UK

Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, 21, was rescued last week after being kept captive in her home by husband Pedro Heriberto Galeano who subjected her to constant beatings, according to police. Her face was said to be completely disfigured by a series of brutal attacks.

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Yesterday the woman’s lawyer claimed Galeano, 32, would become violent when anyone liked the photos she posted of herself on Facebook.

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Ortigoza’s husband beat her every time a photo of her received a like on Facebook (Image: Matt Roper)

He began to beat her up every time one of her friends on social media reacted to any of her posts.