Indian, Pakistani Six Months Jailed In Dubai

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A 24-year-old Pakistani and a 36-year-old Indian Jailed For Robbing Prostitute In Dubai.

Both Man’s picked up a prostitute girls in the late hour and had sex with her in the car they were traveling in before robbing her of her cash.

Six months in jail

The two men have been sentenced to six months in jail according to the Khaleej times Report. The 21-year-old woman from Pakistan filed a complaint on April 28 against the duo accusing them of kidnapping, raping and robbing her of Dh600.

“She led us to the location where the defendants picked her up from. It happened to be near a hotel and thanks to the surveillance cameras, we could track the accused through the registration plate of their car,” a policeman told the prosecutor, adding that the pair tried to speed away from the police car and avoid arrest in vain.

Through investigation, it came to the fore that the woman went willingly with the men and that she was working as a prostitute. She was deported.