My Nuclear Button “Is A Much Bigger & More Powerful: Donald Trump

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North Korea Claims Successful Nuclear Test 6th Times (Source:

US President Donald Trump taunted Kim Jong Un Tuesday night, bragging about his “Nuclear Button” and how it is “much bigger & more powerful” than the North Korean leaders.

This exchange between two nuclear powers came after Kim Jong Un delivered a New Year’s address Monday in which he boasted about North Korea’s nuclear program, saying its missiles could reach the United States and that a nuclear button is “always on the desk of my office.”

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Kim described this not as a threat, but as “reality,” but said he would not use it unless provoked if “hostile aggression forces” went after its interests. In his speech, Kim also made overtures toward South Korea, suggesting possible talks with North Korea’s neighbours to the south a move that some saw as having the potential to drive a wedge between the U.S. and South Korean alliance.