‘My son should be shot,’ says Qandeel Baloch’s Father

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Islamabad: Mohammad Anwar Azeem, the father of Qandeel Baloch, Pakistan’s internet sensation, who was strangled to death by her brother at her family home in Multan said on Monday that he wants his son to be shot.

According to a report, Anwar Azeem said that his sons were unhappy over “her achievements” and turned against her even though she supported them.

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“I say he should be shot on sight. He suffocated my little one,” Anwar Azeem said.

“She was my son, not a daughter. I have lost my son. She supported all of us, including my son who killed her,” he added.

Recalling the condition of her daughter’s corpse, Qandeel’s mother said, “Her whole face was covered in bruises, her tongue was black, her lips were black.”

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“My husband and I fell deep asleep. We had drunk milk, it had been mixed with sedatives,” she said referring to the night when Qandeel was choked to death by her brother, Wasim.

Wasim, who was arrested for drugging and strangling Qandeel, had said he was “not embarrassed” to have killed her as she brought disrepute to the family.

The 26-year-old Qandeel Baloch was killed at her home in the central district of Multan. Her brother Muhammad Wasim had fled soon after the incident. He was arrested late on Saturday, Multan City police chief Azhar Akram said and confessed to drugging then strangling her “for honour”.

Early this week, Pakistani authorities barred Qandeel’s family from legally “forgiving” their son for strangling her in a rare stand against the so-called practice of “honour killings”.

Qandeel was a media sensation, bold in her videos and considered quite controversial in the country. She shot to fame in Pakistan in 2014 after a video of her pouting for the camera.