Saudi Arabia Arrests 22 For Sharing Video On Social Media

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An official source at the Presidency of Saudi Arabia’s State Security said that 22 people were arrested for circulating video clips on social media. The clips which were disturbing public order fell under the Information Crimes Law.

The authorities monitored the circulation of these video clips on social media. The clips stirred up feelings towards issues that are still under consideration and against a public interest. The video also encouraged obstructing these interests as well as inciting viewers to commit illegal acts.

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Saudi Press Agency said the Presidency managed to identify the people behind the clips and arrested them. 22 people were arrested, including Qatari and several Saudi nationals. Their motives and links are being investigated.

The Presidency of the State Security, warned against the consequences of falling into such practices, saying “it will not tolerate anyone who commits such acts, and will respond firmly and resolutely to those who seek to undermine the security of the homeland and its stability.”