Saudi Prince Pays $1Bn In Corruption Settlement

Saudi prince Miteb bin Abdullah pays $1bn in corruption settlement

Mutaib bin Abdullah, Mutaib II bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi
Image: Arabnews

The senior Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, once seen as a leading contender for the throne, has been released from detention after paying more than $1bn in a settlement with authorities, a Saudi official said.

Earlier this month in Saudi Arabia a corruption scandal hired by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al was arrested and charged with 38 people including 11 senior princes, ministers and chief executives of Saudi Arabia.

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The Order was nominated for the title of ‘MBS’, the title of Prince Mohammed bin Salman (32).

This action of the Saudi government family was in great debate. Prince Mithab bin Abdullah, a 65-year-old Prince He signed a contract with the authorities for the release of Rs 6,438 crore for three weeks.

He was released three weeks later. In this regard, the Saudi media has reported that Prince Mithab bin Abdullah was released on Tuesday.