Vijay Mallya Arrested In London

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Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya borrowed Rs 9,000 crore in public and private banks in India. He has not repaid it. He was accused of investing in a Rs. 900 crore loan to the Indian Industrial Development Bank (IDBI) in his company abroad.

Businessman Vijay Mallya did not repay it. So, the cases were registered on behalf of the CBI and enforcement. The Indian government has intensified the operation of arresting Vijay Mallya, who flew to England. The federal government had already requested the UK to extradite him. Following this, the UK authorities arrested Vijay Mallya last April. But he was immediately released on bail.

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In this case, Vijay Mallya has been arrested again in London. However, Vijay Mallya seems to have been in the immediate counsel of his bail in getting bail. If Vijay Mallya is brought to India, he will meet the CBI and the In-Prosecution case.