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Congress VP Rahul Gandhi Listed As ‘Non-Hindu’

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi Listed As ‘Non-Hindu’
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi pays obeisance at Golden Temple in Amritsar, on June 10, 2017.

Rahul Gandhi went to Somnath Temple yesterday. According to the Somnath Temple, non-Hindus should sign the registrations for it.

The BJP has raised the controversy over the fact that Rahul Gandhi had signed this record. The party has insisted that it should be informed about the religion he is dependent on. But Congress, which has categorically denied this, has said it is the conspiracy of the BJP.

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi visited the Somnath Temple in Gujarat. The BJP has now stirred a controversy with a non-Hindu record. But Congress, which has categorically denied this, has accused it of being a conspiracy of the BJP.

Assembly elections will be held soon in Gujarat. The Congress is planning to exploit the BJP for 22 years in power and is unhappy with the party.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is campaigning there. During the campaign, he goes to the famous temples including Dwarka and Ambaji. The BJP complained that Rahul Gandhi goes to temples to get Hindus votes.

Congress spokesperson Dipendra Singh Hooda said, “Rahul Gandhi has been registered with Rahul Gandhi who has been in Ahmed Patel and there is no need for Rahul Gandhi to explain the background and background of his family and the people of the country knows him well. a Ciel is one of the lowest quality, “he said.

In the meanwhile, the temple administration is reported to be scolding the controversy surrounding Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Somnath Temple.


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