Insurance For Tamil Nadu Government Staff For 4 More Years

Chennai: Family members of government employees undergoing treatment for cancer and organ transplant would henceforth be provided with an insurance cover up to Rs 7.5 lakh as part of the measure announced by the state government.

The scheme, first introduced in 2012 and implemented through United India Insurance, expired on June 30 this year and has been renewed for a further four years with additional benefits. While maintaining the insurance cover for government employees’ families at Rs 4 lakh for four years, the amount sanctioned for treating cancer and organ transplant has been increased to Rs 7.50 lakh. Additional benefits would be the inclusion of dependents of government employees with 40 percent disability sans age ceiling.

The revised insurance scheme would enable government employees and their families to avail of benefits even if they or their family members are given treatment even in hospitals not covered under the scheme.  “In cases of accidents, if the victim is admitted to a hospital which does not come under the scheme, still he/ she can avail the benefits extended by the government”, the statement said.

The scheme would cover government employees, workers of public sector undertakings of the State government, staff members of boards, university employees and their family members. The state exchequer would incur a cost of Rs 17.90 crore per annum.

While the employees would pay Rs 180 as annual premium, the government would pay its share of Rs 17.90 crore to the insurance firm.  After following the open tender process, United India Insurance has been selected for the scheme’’, the statement said and the scheme was approved by the Chief Minister.